Pro Life Is Not Enough

Over the past five decades, the pro-life movement has had lots of good intentions but few tangible results. This should not be surprising, since pro-life leaders have refused to stand on the Word of God as their foundation and to trust Him with the outcome. We have seen the government-sanctioned and regulated murder of over 63 million preborn babies in the United States since Roe vs. Wade. Because the mainstream pro-life movement is founded upon a faulty, unbiblical foundation, it should not be surprising that the practice of baby murder continues in our nation. God alone has the power to bring an end to abortion, and we cannot expect Him to bless our efforts when they run contrary to His Word. Being Pro-Life is Not Enough. We must build our efforts on a biblical foundation, and boldly stand against abortion in a God-honoring way.

The mainstream pro-life view is insufficient and inadequate. It needs to be reshaped by Scripture in numerous areas, such as…

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We must operate based on a biblical understanding of the gospel and conversion as we proclaim the good news of reconciliation to God through Christ to mothers and fathers considering abortion.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We must have a biblical understanding of sin and the root cause of abortion. Abortion flows out of a corrupt heart. We must treat more than just the symptoms; we must address the heart issues with the healing power of the gospel. The church must also repent in areas where we participate in the same root sins that lead to abortion.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We, as Christians and church leaders, need to grasp our responsibility to engage in the battle to end abortion. Whether ministering at the abortion mill, petitioning the civil magistrate, helping post-abortive parents, being ready to adopt, financially supporting such ministries, or faithfully praying for them, this is an issue in which ALL Christians should be engaged.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We must return to a biblical understanding of God’s Law. Abortion must be treated both as the murder of a human being made in the image of God and also as a national sin requiring national repentance.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We need to understand that the goal is not to overturn Roe vs. Wade. The goal is the glory of God through the ending of abortion in our nation. A “right to an abortion” is not only unconstitutional, it is anti-constitutional and illegal. We must not support laws that are “iniquitous decrees”. Pro-life legislation seeks to regulate abortion as healthcare, rather than criminalize it as murder. The states must ignore Roe, and instead follow God’s law and the U.S. Constitution by immediately and uncompromisingly abolishing abortion.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We need to be pro-family – celebrating children, and raising them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We must have a high view of parenting, recognizing that motherhood and fatherhood are blessings that are established and defined by God.

Pro-Life is Not Enough. We need to recognize that God alone must prosper our ways, or our efforts are futile. We must rely on God to change hearts and minds, recognizing we are in a spiritual battle that requires spiritual weapons. God alone gives the victory and gets the glory!

We invite you to join us on November 5 and 6, 2021, to hear C.R. Cali, Jeff Durbin, Phil George, Russell Hunter, Bradley Pierce, Joseph Silk, and Jon Speed, as they herald these truths of why Pro-Life is Not Enough.

The conference is a ministry of Grace Life Church of Dallas and will be held at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in McKinney, Texas.