Message Topics

Cory Shahan

Pro-Life is Not Enough...Biblical

Understanding of the Gospel and Conversion

Jon Speed

Pro-Life is Not Enough…Responsibility of the

Local Church (Pastors and Members,

Importance of Prayer)

C.R. Cali

More Loving, Compassionate, and Wiser than God

Bradley Pierce

Pro-Life is Not Enough…Engaging the

Civil Magistrate

Shane Dodson

Pro-Life is Not Enough...Other Cultural

Issues where People use "Pro-Life"

Argument Wrongly

John Barros

Pro-Life is Not Enough… Abortion

Ministry (Sidewalk, Post-Abortion, and

Mercy Ministry)

Phil George

Pro-Life is Not Enough…Discipleship in

the Home

Sye Ten Bruggencate

Pro-Life is Not Enough…Biblical


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